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Hire a SysAd

January 11th, 2016 by elizar

fiverrYou can now actually hire a System Administrator on Fiverr as well! Wow, everything you want can be found in Fiverr!.

I was checking out that $5 website of service when I found that there’s this little category called Support IT or IT Support and found this Gig :)

I sent a message to the gig owner and asked if he can draft me a script to extract a variable name from a file with multiple lines of text.

Waiting for his response.

If if will and if it makes sense, i will order the gig! :)
I will be applying and using that script at work.. for Real! :)

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How to Reset a WordPress Password

January 2nd, 2016 by elizar

There are a number of ways to reset a WordPress admin password if you happen to forget it.

For this post, let me share you a way to reset it using the CPANEL and updating the record in the wp_users table in your wordpress database.

You will be using myPHpadmin of course.

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