Backup For Workgroups

There’s a great news for those companies and business that relies on extremely important data to operate. Business that requires consistent and reliable data backup. This can only be achieved by using a sophisticated server backup software.

Backup for workgroups is perfect for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME). It is an easy to use backup software solution with features comparable to enterprise backup solution, but with very little cost.

Backup for workgroups allows administrators to backup Exchange Server, Active Directory and MS SQL Servers. This data backup software utilizes a disk-based backup scheme. With the prize of disk surprisingly dropping at a fast rate, it is a good idea to use it for whole backup.

With Backup for workgroups has the following features:

  • Backup Windows Servers & Workstations
  • Friendly user interface
  • Ease of Restoration (Find files easily)
  • Email reports
  • Disk based backup
  • Built-In Mirror Facilitates Off-Site Storage
  • 256-bit Encryption

Besides from these features it can be be used to run (backup) automatically at a scheduled time and for how often.

In restoration, there are several choices to chose from too:

  • Selected Files,
  • Roll Back,
  • Undelete; and
  • Disaster Recovery

The Backup for Workgroup can be install in any Windows powered machine (server, desktop or laptop) and then you’re good to go. At a minimum, it can backup the following files on a computer:

  • the Windows Operating System
  • the Windows Registry database
  • Application files
  • Closed files
  • Open files in which the parent application allows access
  • User-created files, including: documents, spreadsheets, databases, graphic files, etc.
  • IIS Metabase information
  • File and folder security settings
  • Additional stream information stored on files, such as Macintosh files on Windows file servers

With the power, features and flexibility of a high-priced corporate backup software now made available, this will surely benefits other small to medium business.

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