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How to Reset a WordPress Password

January 2nd, 2016 by elizar

There are a number of ways to reset a WordPress admin password if you happen to forget it.

For this post, let me share you a way to reset it using the CPANEL and updating the record in the wp_users table in your wordpress database.

You will be using myPHpadmin of course.

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2 Newest WordPress Plugin in Sysadmindayph

January 19th, 2010 by elizar

There’s this 2 new WordPress plugin here in Sysadmindayph dot com (the newest that I installed at least). I just want to share this one for the readers of this blog who is also WordPress user.

The two new plugins here are:

SEO Smart Link – SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

Broken Link Checker – This plugin will monitor your blog looking for broken links and let you know if any are found.

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