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FireFTP is an FTP program that works within the Firefox Web browser. Well, Firefox is not actually a full-pledge program but a Firefox plugin or addon. The best thing about this ftp client is that it’s FREE! (Just like any other open source applications/software).

If you’re not familiar with Firefox, it’s an open source web browser and I suggest you use it right now. Trash that IE and start using Firefox (or Google Chrome – cooler!).

File transfer protocol (FTP) is how we send large files from one computer to another using the Internet — not an e-mail attachment.

Here’s how to install and use FireFTP on Firefox.

First thing’s first… install FireFTP to your firefox Browser… You can download FIREFTP here. Or using Firefox, open up this page and click on the “Add to Firefox” button. Dowload one now.

It will automatically install and you will need to restart Firefox.

After restarting there will be a new object on the Tools menu of Firefox called … what else, FireFTP.

When you click on that, Firefox will open another Tab and the first time you open FireFTP, you’ll need to create an account:

You’ll need to input some information to the Fireftp’s text boxes:

Of course, the important field is the ‘host’, the login and the password field.

You will then have a drop down menu with your newly created profile… simple choose it and click connect and you’re good to go!

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