General Asterisk Installation Instructions

After reading the Asterisk Overview a few post back, let’s continue with our adventure in the world of Asterisk – the open source telephone toolkit.

We need to do two things (that is, two steps) in order install Asterisk on our vmware powered Red hat enterprise server:

  1. Get the source code
  2. Compile to produce the binaries

Get the Source Code

Click the links below to get a copy of Asterisk

Asterisk 1.2.4
Zaptel 1.2.4
Libpri 1.2.2

Asterisk-sounds 1.2.1 – Additional sound prompts
Asterisk-addons 1.2.1 – Additional modules
Or to get the latest version with the latest update, get the source of Asterisk from the CVS server:

To get a fresh copy from the CVS server use these commands:

# cd /usr/src
#mkdir asterisk
# export
# cvs login

Compiling Asterisk

To install Asterisk, we need to update (if you donwloaded the source) and change to that asterisk directory. Example:

#cd /usr/src/asterisk

You can then start the compiling process…
Follow this installation order: libpri, zaptel, asterisk

-Installing libpri

#cd /usr/src/asterisk/libpri
#make clean
#make install

-Installing zaptel

#cd /usr/src/asterisk/zaptel
#make clean

Note: If you are using kernel 2.6 enter the following command ‘#make linux26’, before doing ‘#make install’.

#make install

-Installing asterisk

#cd /usr/src/asterisk/asterisk
#make clean

Note: If you want to use a mp3 files for music-on-hold enter the following command ‘#make mpg123’, before doing ‘#make install’.

#make install

If this is your first installation perform ‘make samples’ to install sample configuration files.

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