How to Make your Computer Faster

No matter how you ask it, how to make your computer faster, or how to make computer faster, we all want the same thing.. to make more out of our computer.

A number of people are asking, specially those folks not so familiar with computer or with technology in general – “how do i make my computer run faster?”

Reasons a computer runs Slow

Here are a couple of reason why a computer run slow:

  1. Old model
  2. Not enough ram to accommodate application
  3. A computer virus

how do i make my computer run fasterFirst of all, if you bought a hand me down, second hand, used computer from a few years back, that is a pretty good chance that the applications that you installed or want to install in your PC will run slow as the computer hardware industry is very fast paced that the hardware of today will become obsolete in a year. With that said, if you have an old computer, there is no other way of making it faster but replacing it with a new one or upgrading the main components of it like the system board, memory or the central processing unit.

Second, there are many software application today that is very memory extensive that it eats up most of the RAM (Random access memory) of the computer which leaves nothing for the Operating System or for other application.

Third possible reason is that the unit is infected by a virus which also consumes a lot of your computer’s processing power. Viruses can come from an external drive or from online in the websites that you are visiting.

How to make a new computer run faster?

From the same reason given above, the same things can be done to make a computer run faster.

For the first and second point or item, like mentioned, there is no better way than to upgrade.

The third one is to have a antivirus scan and clean the computer up. But in my experience it is better or completely erase the computer (format the system) and reinstall the OS and application to make sure that the virus is completely removed. (Of course, you have to make backup of your important files)

You may definetly need to clean up your PC.
Here is instructions about how to clean your PC:…
1. Download a nice PC cleaner from
(System cleaner is a best choice)
2. Run the cleaner and clean up your PC.
3. Restart your PC


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