System Administrator’s Guide of Starting A Blog

I’ve been blogging about many different topics for a few years now but I never made any money doing it until most recently. Now, I am happy that I am earning a few bucks now and then with my simple post and SEO activities. With a little extra money, I was able to catch the interest of few people who got interested in starting their own blog. As a matter of fact I have already taught my brother and nephew a thing or two about blogging. Then I decided to create one quick post about it so I can refer other people who might interested in creating one for themselves. The following is a quick and dirty steps or guide and background in starting a blog. What You’ll Need It’s not actually what you need, but what you need to know about starting your own blog. Let’s enumerate:

  • Blog Topic – Decide what you want to blog about. Problogger call it ‘niche’, but in simple terms it’s just the blog topic. So first, what is that particular thing that interests you. Blog doesn’t not necessarily mean a personal journal, that’s one big misconception about blogs.
  • Web hosting or Free hosting – A big decision when starting a blog. You have an option of starting one in a free service blog host like WordPress or Blogger or you can purchase your own web hosting plan. Some advantage of having your own virtual hosting server is that you have more control on your files/themes and other that is limited in There are also some extra web hosting services that you may find very useful.
  • Get a Domain Name – A domain name is simply the name for your blog. Whether you are hosted on a free blogging platform or you purchase a web host, you must have a unique domain name for your blog. To be unique in the blog world, you need to choose and register a domain name for your blog.
  • Post Articles, Story/Content – This is the heart of your blog. You need to have good quality content for your blog. After all the domain name registration and blog platform and other preparatory stuff been taken care of, it’s time to put articles in it.

That’s basically it. If you maintain a schedule of blog post for a month, you are a certified blogger.

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