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How To Grayscale and Image Using GIMP

December 14th, 2011 by elizar

Alright, here’s one of many tutorial you will find here at SysadmindayPH. This post is all about how to turn your colorful pictures and images into black and white, or grayscale using GIMP …Of course using GIMP! :)

For those who do not know what GIMP is, is short GNU Image Manipulation Program. What’s GNU? It’s GNU Not UNIX. What’s GNU? It’s GNU Not UNIX.. What’s.. you know.

Most of the tutorials I’ll mentioned here is based / borrowed /stolen from this link, so be sure to check it out and bookmark that one too

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Krita Image Editor (Open Source)

August 22nd, 2008 by elizar


When we say ‘image editor‘ on the open-source world, we instantly think of GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program, right? Of course.

But do you know that aside from GIMP, there is also another application, which is part of the KDE Office suite that is also perfect for bitmap image manipulation? It is also convenient for webmasters for editing photos for their web server shared website.

The application is called KRITA.

Krita is the bitmap graphics editor software included with the KDE based KOffice suite. Designed to be both a painting application and a photo editor, Krita is free software and distributed under GNU General Public License. It was released for the first time as a part of KOffice version 1.4.0, on June 21, 2005. Before any public release, it was called KImageShop and then later Krayon, but legal matters motivated a change from these names.

The differences start with the layout of the various user interface components. Instead of having them organized as a set of separate windows, Krita uses a single-pane integrated view, where all the UI functionality is included in the main window. However, the panels and tools can be freely moved around in the window and are dockable to provide a clean appearance

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