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Prison Break Season Finale

May 15th, 2009 by elizar

What can I say, this is the season most System Administrators slash couch potato guys love! This is the season where most of the TV series show their most exciting season ender! This is the perfect time for us hardworking sysadins (naks) to relax a little and enjoy and hour (or two) of nice old television!

Watch Prison Break Season Finale Episode 21/22 Online Streaming video

Last time I mentioned here is the season finale of LOST, this time we’ll watch PRison Break Season Finale.

I have been a fan of Prison Break for a long period of time, watching it every week, either a rerun or in online stream… The first season, as I remember, was very good! Pretty exciting! The way the plan was lay down and executed! I want the McGyver kind of theme to it… Michael Scoffiled was a character most boys would want to be.

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Rohan Online: Blood Feud

May 9th, 2009 by elizar

Welcome to my very first Rohan online: Blood Feud Post! We’ll be taking a deep look at this free online game (MMORPG). If you are searching for information about Rohan or similar searches such as Rohan marley, download, builds, wikis, guid and all, remind me and we may point you to the right direction.

What is Rohan?

Originally, Rohan is a fictional realm in J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy era of Middle-earth. It is also referred to as Riddermark or The Mark. (The Mark is believed to have been the Mercian name for the Anglian Kingdom of Mercia, but could also mean just land as used in Germanic languages. Ridder just means Knight in Germanic languages such as Dutch and Norwegian. There for Riddermark maybe be translated as “Riders Land” or “Horsemans Land” which corresponds to the Rohirrims love of horses) The realm is of significant importance in the author’s most famous book, The Lord of the Rings.

So I am guessing that the term Rohan and the idea behind ROhan Online Blood Freud was taken from this fantasy era of Middle earth.

Rohan download

You can head over to the official Rohan Online website, click on the Download Rohan ONline Client (free) and install

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