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Optimized Open Source Software Stack (Cool Stack) 1.3.1 Final Release

September 15th, 2009 by elizar

Optimized Open Source Software Stack (Cool Stack) 1.3.1 Final Release…

Will be installing Ruby on Rails using Cool Stack… this is the first of sets of post.. Now downloading the packages from

Optimized Open Source Software Stack (Cool Stack) for the Sun Solaris Operating System(TM). Cool Stack is a collection of some of the most commonly used open source applications optimized for the Sun Solaris OS. By using these binaries you will enjoy the best levels of performance from your system, while also reducing your time-to-service.

Instructions: Select the files you want, then click the “Download Selected with Sun Download Manager” (SDM) button below to automatically install and use SDM (learn more). Alternately, click directly on file names to download with your browser. (Use of SDM is recommended but not required.)

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Six New Mobile Devices Running Open Source

April 11th, 2009 by elizar

I am not the only who thought of a phone which has an open source operating system in it… Take the Android or the G phone for example… It is running a flavor of linux, i think.

Here are some more open source driven mobile devices.. Here’s what we read:

Looking for more Linux and open source apps in your life? Then pick up your phone. Check out the newest smartphones and netbooks announced just last week that the discerning penguin will be craving before the year is out.

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