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The Mikkey Worm – This worm is getting out of hand Twitter

April 13th, 2009 by elizar

“This worm is getting out of hand Twitter” – Mikkey. There was a swarm of messages flooding the twittersphere in the past couple of days. This twitter worm apparently hasn’t been controlled yet by twitter as the flood of messages that apparently coming from Mikkey, continues.

I, myself, lucky for me haven’t been pested by this Mikkey work as it only affects those who uses the web application of twitter (apparently). I use a third party web apps for firefox (twitterfox).

Here’s another way of protecting your self from this Mikkey worm from

Other steps that you can take to ensure safety is to reset your password, disable Javascript and clear cache. You can also keep a check via Twitter Status Blog or follow @spam for further updates. This is very bad for Twitter’s reputation especially when FriendFeed is getting better by the day. I would simply hate unwanted messages in bulk bothering me or my followers.

Steps to fix it:
1. Change your hex color/reset it
2. Change your bio and change the URL
3. DONT click on any profile that is suspicious and use another twitter client like TweetDeck instead of the Twitter website

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Twiter Twitter, Everyone Twits

March 14th, 2009 by elizar

Everybody seems to be twitting these days. I have a twiter (twitter) account, I am assuming that you too twit. All of my friends are on twiter and most of the people here at work are all twitters.

Micro blogging, as twiter I guess is categorized, has becoming more and more popular. Maybe because it’s faster and more convenient to say what you want to say or share the things you want to people in just a few strokes of the keyboard.

Here’s what I read in Tech Crunch About the amazing growth of twiter user in the United States:

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