Searching For Fee Car Classifieds Script

Cars are no longer a luxury nowadays (except if you want to own a Ferrari or something). Cars are now a necessity in today’s standard of living. And let’s face it, with the price of brand new cars and the forever raising price of gasoline, not every one can buy a new set of wheels.

Thanks to websites that offer to sell (and buy) second hand, used cars many people can have places to search for and are no longer limited to the restrictions of locations.

I bought my first car (my only car for that matter) from a dealer that posted their inventory online. So, thanks to this second hand used car website, I was able to find myself and buy my very own car.

Thanks also to this website (and the internet) for that matter, and idea popped to mind. Why not make my own used car websites that will not only help people buy quality used car, but also earn a couple of dimes on the side?

The search for Free Car Classified Script

How hard could it be? All you need is a webhosting company running with the servers running a flavor of Linux, PHP, Mysql, and open source classfied script and you’re good to go.

But the problem is, I could find a free car classified script that I can install on my webhosting company. I did a quick “free car classified script” search and a “free car classified script download” and the search result came with script that I need to cash out a couple of dollars… unlucky for me, I have no extra dough to cash out.

Hence, this post. I would like to ask for your help. If you know a flexible, free car classified script out there in internet, could you please drop a comment? I already tired auto_classified and PHP Car Dealer.. (and I bought one before forgot the name, but it doesn’t have what I am looking for.. yeah yeah, modify.. no time)

Thanks in advance to those who will point me in the right site for the car classified script! Chow!

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