All About Arlo Gilbert

Who in heaven is Arlo Gilbert? Yep, using ‘heaven’ is perfect for describing this man for he do sometimes tries to conquer heaven. He’s into planes you see. 🙂

Anyway, you’re probably Googling about Arlo Gilbert as you read this post. Well, let me save you a few minutes and introduce you to Mr. Gilbert in one fast minute.

He is the following:

  • The Man is from Austin, Texas
  • Arlo Gilbert is a high school drop out… and a proud one (don’t do that boys and girls)
  • A family man! So there’s a Mrs. Gilbert and two little Arlo Gilberts (daughters)

The reason why we feature this brilliant man is that he has successfully launched online startups and been doing it for 10 years now. Remember, high school dropout and no training in marketing or any business related studies… Brilliant indeed.

What caught my attention while reading his ‘About’ page was his current project – the iCall. It’s a VOIP startup company. I was wondering if iCall was developed by Arlo Gilbert or if it uses Asterisk?




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14 thoughts on “All About Arlo Gilbert”

  1. Yep, its based on asterisk. The application (client side) is based off of a common voip library.

    You may recall, that Arlo also owned iDownload, the malware application. Makes you wonder about iCall.

  2. arlo also was involved with the porn purveyor “quickbuck” in which he used the site to distribute malware installers for his toolbar

    arlo is not a saint, he is just an internet scumbag, just google this guys name, he is not popular and definately not a ladies man, have you saw him?


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