Anti Spam Filter for Exchage Server

Yes, you heard right, today topic covers an Exchange Server. You know an Exchange Server right? It’s one of those M$ operated box with mails going all inside and all around it.

It’s no secret that the mail server of Micro$oft has reputations of having security holes and is super prone to spam… well, with today’s technology which one isn’t right?

Luckily for those users of Exchange, there are more than a number of third party server based anti spam software available to help them cope up with these problems.

One of those server anti spam software is GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP. This server-side application has a lot of numbers and statistics to back its name up!

It already received 60 awards, 80,000 satisfied customers has also been using it with complete satisfaction with the lowest prices compared to other server application Spam filter, it is indeed a tough competitor to beat.

Oh and did I say GFI MailEssentials anti spam filter captures over 98% of spam and it eliminates the need to install and update anti spam software on each desktop since it is server-based.

I am currently dowloading a complete and functional 30-day evaluation copy of it right now. With only 27 MB size of file, I suggest you do to and experience how powerful this little piece of software is.

Remember, it’s an Exchange spam filter, anti virus is a completely different story.

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