Disabling Sun Keyboard Abort Sequence

Here is the scenario all you SysAds out there… You accidentally initiated an abort sequence in one of your Solaris (sparc) box. As a consequence, your SPARC-based SYSTEM WENT INTO THE prom MODE. You need to disable the default keyboard abort sequence.

The default keyboard abort sequence on a Solaris system is sent with the L1-A or STOP-A keys pressed together on an attached Sun keyboard, or the BREAK signal on the serial console.

Inserting or unplugging a keyboard on a running Sun system will also send an abort sequence, effectively dropping you to the Open Boot Prompt (”ok” prompt).

To disable the keyboard abort sequence for the current session:
kbd -a disable

To disable the keyboard abort sequence for future sessions (i.e. after a system reboot), change the following in /etc/default/keyboard.





And you’re done.

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