iPhone unlock – jailbreak, winpwn, ziphone What’s The Difference?

There are a lot of buzz here in the Philippines the revamped smart phone from Apple, the iPhone, will be officially released on August 22 and the official telecoms partner will be Globe telecoms!

That’s is good news, well at least for those who can afford it.

Some Filipinos are thinking of buying their unit in the United States or some other country where the iphone is way cost less compared to the price here in the Philippines.

The only problems that these guys will have is unlocking their iphones.

I did a quick search of it on the internet and read about 3 terms or words that has something to do with unlocking the Iphone 3G, and they are:

I still don’t know or having problem differentiating the those three (jailbreak, winpwn, and ziphone) words. Which one is which. I haven’t really done a complete study or research for winpwn, or jailbreak but I’m sure there’s a difference..

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