Package Installation on Solaris UNIX

We’re trying to install OpenLDAP ver 2.3.38 on a Sun-Blade-100 (UltraSPARC-IIe) but the stupid workstation’s OS installation is so bare that it doesn’t even have packages for CC or GCC (I’m sure there’s a lot more).

So, before we could do the OpenLDAP compilation, we need to install first GCC and other prerequisite apps.

Here’s what I need to install on the box:

Need to install the following:

Donwload all packages on Sunfreeware and install.

change to the directory where the packages are located

# pkgadd -d <package name>

answer promp question (usually change of permission)

If all has been installed, we can proceed and compile OpenLDAP. Of course if that don’t work out, we could always installed it’s packaged version on Sunfreeware! 🙂

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