SCO Group (SCO UNIX) Is Bankrupt!

Santa Cruz Operation SCO Group, the same group that gave us SCO UNIX has filed bankruptcy last Friday. That is bad news not only for the SCO users and community but for the stock holders too!

The bankruptcy that was filed was The Chapter 11 Bankruptcy! Meaning, the court will take over (with the creditor’s committee) to handle the debts of the company.

SCO Group CEO Darl McBride also quote saying that one major reason for the downfall of SCO Group is because of competition on alternative Open Source Operating System, including Linux. Aside from that their sales on UNIX-based product “have been declining over the past several years.”

5 thoughts on “SCO Group (SCO UNIX) Is Bankrupt!”

  1. Um, pardon, but The SCO Group is not Santa Cruz Operation, Santa Cruz Operation changed it’s name to Taratella, and was purchased by Sun Microsystems, after selling Caldera the rights to it’s Unix business. Caldera which up until that point had been a Linux reseller, then changed it’s name to The SCO Group, and dropped the Linux line in favor of the Unix line.

    And then of course they sued IBM, which was a dangerous course of action.

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