Shared Web Hosting

This post is somewhat related to the configuring Apache for virtual hosting post we did couple of days ago. Well, this is intentional anyway since I want to make a series of post that will help those who want to start a blog and would like to know all the technicalities in doing one.

This time, it’s about Shared Web Hosting.

What is Shared Webhosting?

We can define this in a super ‘made sense’ kind of way. Let’s first define what a web hosting is. Web hosting is a service you get (or buy) from an internet service provider or a web hosting company, where in they will give you a server for you to host your website/blog/forum or what-have-you.

The web hosting package usually includes many other services. Basic package of course is the amount of hard disk space your package has, and the amount of monthly traffic/bandwith it comes bundled with.

The above definition both describes the dedicated web hosting and a shared  hosting. The only difference is that in a shared web hosting, you share the server with other webmasters or their websites.

Another difference is that you will be the main system administrator of your server while in a shared web host, there is one common admin that manages all the accounts (which is an advantage if you’re not familiar with the technicalities)

In shared hosting, the provider is generally responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the service. Most servers are based on the Linux operating system and LAMP (software bundle), which is driven by the low cost of open source software.

On a future post, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a shared webhosting service.

Till next time.

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