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SVM: Determine Free Space on Soft Partition

December 3rd, 2009 by elizar

SVM: Determine Free Space on Soft Partition , we use the metastat -c command…

[root@localhost] /work/users> metastat -c d103
d103 p 32GB d100
d100 m 68GB d101 d102
d101 s 68GB c1t2d0s0
d102 s 68GB c1t3d0s0

[root@localhost] /work/users> metastat -p d103
d103 -p d100 -o 32 -b 58720256 -o 127926432 -b 8388608
d100 -m d101 d102 1
d101 1 1 c1t2d0s0
d102 1 1 c1t3d0s0

So from the first metastat -c d103.. that’s a mirrored 68G partition, d100 and a 32G soft partition d103.. We still have around 35G of space.

update: — someone comment please.. this information is incomplete!

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Metastat Needs Maintenance Metareplace

November 15th, 2009 by elizar

Guilty! Putting all those Metastat keywords on one subject, that’s me! ANyway, I don’t want to stale this blog so once in a while I’m going to be posting some bits and pieces of Unix tools/tips.. and here’s a new one about SVM… Responding to Disk Errors courtesy of BigAdmin!

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