Trouble Installing Ubuntu on a NEO Laptop

I bought my very first laptop last week which comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Basic.

My original plan was to erase the whole thing and put Ubuntu on it. Tried it couple of days ago but didn’t work out.

After the boot up from the CD (requested a copy of Ubuntu 7.10) it displayed the little cross hair, then nothing…

I thought it’s probably the Vista… So I put in XP.. coz I tried installing Ubuntu over XP before, but the same thing happened!

So I wonder if this is a hardware issue on my laptop? It’s a NEO Empriva 540SVBe.

Will do a search later.

4 thoughts on “Trouble Installing Ubuntu on a NEO Laptop”

  1. I guess we have the same problem. I tried a lot of different setting but no success. Did you noticed an error about PCI during the boot up to ubuntu? Mine has an error and it is kind of quick to get all the info about the error.

  2. Hi Efi, no i didn’t notice that PCI error.. it may probably be causing it..

    anyway, it’s not displaying gui installation.

    I burned an iso of pclinuxos just to try it out, but same thing happened. It’s most probably be a hardware issue.

  3. Hey Freddie.. yeah, im guessing that could be it.. though I haven’t find anything related to it (probably im not searching hard enough)

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