UNIX Tip: Backspace Key Does Not Work?!?

Here’s a common problem that our users complains about:

The Problem

When they telnet or ssh or connect to a remote host, the backspace key doesn’t seem to work. When pressed, all it shows are caret characters but it does not erase.

The Solution

Here’s one way of solving it…

  1. Type in: stty erase
  2. Then press the ‘backspace’ key
  3. Enter

It should now work. 😉
Read the man page of stty for more information.

2 thoughts on “UNIX Tip: Backspace Key Does Not Work?!?”

  1. Thank you. It worked.
    Though I’d like put in a little clarification. Type ‘stty erase’ then a space and then backspace. then Enter. So it would look like this ‘stty erase ^?’. Then hit enter.

    Also, you can add it to your .profile file, and it’ll fix it everytime you login.

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