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Useful commands to extract packages

May 18th, 2012 by elizar

Useful commands to extract packages:

To extract a *.tar file: tar xvf package.tar
To extract a *.cpio.Z file: zcat package.cpio.Z | cpio -idmV
To extract a *.gz file:  gunzip package.gz
To extract *.tar.gz file: guznip package.tar.gz; tar xvf package.tar
To extract *.dstream.Z file: uncompress package.dstream.Z; pkgtrans package.dstream . all
To extract *.zip file: unzip

yeah sure, citi’g gonna give me a memo for this

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4 Responses

  1. Berrot Says:

    For *.tar.gz, why not just use:
    tar xvfz package.tar.gz

  2. D Says:

    How about tar zxvf package.tar.gz for .tar.gz files?

  3. elizar Says:

    yes, that is also true.. we can add that

  4. Black Bird Says:

    This is how we do it Emma.. Name, URL and Comment.

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