Frienster Layout for Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines!!

Welcome! Welcome to this page! Do you know that Frienster is super widely known in Asia than facebook, multiply or myspace?! Frienster is so popular that almost everyone in Asia that has access to the internet have a frienster account!

On with the frienster repost from elizar palad.

I would like to greet everyone who visits this website page called “Frienster Indonesia”. In case you’re searching for Frienster, one of the best social networking website in the planet, you just found one of official frienster fan site!

Frienster is a privately owned internet social networking website and the first online social network.[1][2] Its headquarters are in Mountain View, CA, US.. In case you’ve been to Wikipedia, that’s what you should have read.

And just like any other social networking site, Frienster is focused on helping people meet new friends, stay in touch with old ones and sharing online content and media. (But you can’t dowload copyrighted materials, of course).

The website is also used for dating and discovering new events, bands, hobbies, and more. Users can share content including videos, photos, messages and comments with friends via their profile and their network.

If there is Facebook in the Americas (North America/Pacific Region), here in Asia, Frienster is superior and dominant.

Over 90% of Friendster’s traffic comes from Asia. In Asia, Friendster has more monthly unique visitors than any other social network. The top 15 countries accessing Friendster today are the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, Singapore, Canada, India, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, China, Taiwan and Korea.

Now you know why my title if “Welcome! Frienster Indonesia Malaysia Philippines”. That is because those are the countries in Asia that has the most incoming traffic in Frienster.

Buy why FRIENSTER instead of FRIENDSTER? Well, if you’re new here, you might ask that. But if you are an old time, a frequent visitor, you’ll know why I used the word FRIENSTER instead of FRIENDSTER.

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