Setting Up Custom Name Server at your Registrar

Just want to note here steps on how to setup your own custom name server from your registrar. In my case, I had to do it on GoDaddy. But of course there are tons of webpages out there that explains how to do it in different registrar.. on this post I just took the part where they enumerate procedures for GoDaddy.

This post was created because of the email from one of my webhosting account… They said that my dedicated server is ready and I can now set up my own custom name server. They even offer to help if I don’t know how to do it. I just need to give them my account info…. sure… NOT.

Here’s how to do it in GoDaddy:

1. Login to your GoDaddy Account.
2. Click on My Account
3. Click on Manage Domains
4. Click on the domain name you want to modify.
5. In the lower left corner of the page, there is a Host Summary. Click Add.
6. Enter the ns1 and ns2 and IP addresses. Then click OK.
7. Click the Nameservers icon across the top.
8. Change the nameservers to the ones you just created.

Try it! Goodluck!

2 thoughts on “Setting Up Custom Name Server at your Registrar”

  1. I just did a full DNS changeover including moving to new nameservers and almost had to look this up. Good thing it was in my RSS feed first thing. Thanks.

  2. hi, nice info but was looking how to do it for
    if someone know how to do it plz send post it 🙂

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