Prison Break Season Finale

What can I say, this is the season most System Administrators slash couch potato guys love! This is the season where most of the TV series show their most exciting season ender! This is the perfect time for us hardworking sysadins (naks) to relax a little and enjoy and hour (or two) of nice old television!

Watch Prison Break Season Finale Episode 21/22 Online Streaming video

Last time I mentioned here is the season finale of LOST, this time we’ll watch PRison Break Season Finale.

I have been a fan of Prison Break for a long period of time, watching it every week, either a rerun or in online stream… The first season, as I remember, was very good! Pretty exciting! The way the plan was lay down and executed! I want the McGyver kind of theme to it… Michael Scoffiled was a character most boys would want to be.

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