Backspace Keys in UNIX Computers

Backspace keys not working in UNIX servers and computers? (Or probably just in computers, because if that’s a server, you’re probably the System Admin and you probably know what to do).

I have a post about “Backspace Keys Not WOrking in UNIX” sometime back and I noticed that there are some people who search about it.. well, this post is a supplement for it…

We’ll list a few key strokes or key combinations that is equal to the backspace keys (when backspace keys is not working on your terminal).

We wont be talking about the different terminals used or terminals available on your UNIX computers alright? That’s too geeky and because we are cool dudes and individuals, let’s just do the keys, enumerate and put it is a piece of paper as ‘cheats’.

Here are some alternative backspace keys if backspace is not working:

  • the delete key – try pressing the delete key and see if it goes back a character to delete it
  • Shift + Backspace – if pressing backspace produces some weird character and does not delete what you want, try pressing while “Shift” is pressed down.. see what happens.
  • “Esc” then do the “vi” editing commands – sorry if you don’t know how to use ‘vi’
  • Shift + Delete – same as Shift + backspace

There you go.. that’s not a lot is it? Try one and see which one works ok?

Let me know how it turns out.

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